General Tournament Rules

Server choice

Players have to choose the best server (lowest ping) by their location.


Players must be present in Ch4mp's Discord Server during a tournament.


Spectating tournament games on the servers is forbidden.
Streamers, casters and admins are the only allowed spectators on the servers.
Spectating allowed for games: Xonotic

Disconnection / Game Crash

If one of the players disconnects from a game, he will automatically lose the game unless the other player agrees to a rematch.
Disconnections should be immediately reported to a tournament admin.

Forfeit / Delay

Forfeiting a match or leaving a tourney for no reason will result in disqualification or ban.
Max wait time for your opponent is 10 mins, after this time, the player causing the delay will receive a penalty loss.

Abuse / Insult

Any insult / abuse during a match will result in ban.


If you registered for a tourney and can't play, please announce that fact 2 hours before the start.

If you have any technical issue or any other issue, please immediately report it to tournament support on Discord.
Failure to abide by these rules may result in disqualification or ban.

last update: Feb 19, 2018

Discord Rules

  1. No Links/ADS of other sites/discord servers (permission must be requested from Staff).
    This applies also for Self Promotion (streamers, youtubers) - posting when you're live, subscribe to me etc..
    What is allowed: Gameplay videos / Highlights.
  2. No adult/explicit material unless #nsfw.
  3. English only in text and voice channels unless non-english channel.
  4. Trolling is allowed, but insult / abuse is a negative way is not tolerated.